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Google’s April Fool’s joke hits me in the nostalgia

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This would have made 12-year-old me cry with joy. Since Japan hit April 1 before anyone, they got the first taste of this April Fool’s joke. It’s a joke in the sense that Google isn’t hiring a Pokemon master, but the app itself apparently works! Supposedly. Maybe. I don’t want to spread false information, all I know is I am following the directions on this blog ( and it’s not working for me. If anyone can confirm this is real let me know!


Written by mlogli

March 31, 2014 at 9:23 pm

Way to be creepy Groupon

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This morning, I get my daily email from Groupon promoting their Deal of the Day. Today’s deal is for a place called Tatami in Glenview. Since I go to Glenview a lot for my freelancing, I read up the description. Here I learn:

  • Sister restaurant of Kansaku in Evanston
  • Recently lowered prices
  • Japanese fare (sushi, katsu, etc.)
  • Last, and most importantly, the phrase “recently renovated, under new management, and sporting a sophisticated new atmosphere” applies

Interested, I decided to look the place up on Google. The third entry in the list, is about the previous owner, and explains why the final bullet about new ownership was necessary.

Apparently the old owner of Tatami (not the owner of the Evanston one) went to a female employee’s house, was allowed in, argued with the employee, shot her to death, and then shot himself in the head.

Really Groupon? You come out of a lawsuit and this is the place that you want to promote to me? Sure the owner and such is new (for obvious reasons) but this happened like six months ago (story dated 9/29/11). Creepy much?

So…still debating whether I want to buy the deal or not 😛


Written by mlogli

April 12, 2012 at 7:09 pm

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