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Destihl: weird name, good food!

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God how long has it been since I’ve done a food review? Let’s get back into it!

My brother Tony took me out for a birthday dinner not too long ago. We went to Destihl, a brewpub chain in town that I haven’t tried yet.

Hooooooooooooooly crap. It was pretty good food and some crazy combinations of things. I started off trying their hefeweizen beer. It was okay: a bit watered down and bitter for my taste, but certainly not the worst beer ever. My brother tried their Hoperation Double IPA, and that was much better. It was very balanced for a double IPA and had a good flavor profile.

Beer is nice and all, but it doesn’t make for good visuals. Fortunately the food, does, starting with the first crazy combo: reuben egg rolls.


Reuben egg rolls: delicious!

It’s the basic ingredients of a reuben in an egg roll! Pastrami, cabbage, applewood smoked bacon, and an spicy brown mustard made with their IPA. They were very good, crunchy out the outside and packed with flavor inside. I didn’t notice the bacon in there and it probably wasn’t necessary. The mustard added good flavor and a small kick.


Who puts a whole damn pepper on top of mac and cheese?

Now my brother decided to be different and he got their green chile pork mac and cheese: cavatappi pasta, roasted pork, poblano chiles, mozzarella, green chiles and a garlic cream sauce. While it was tasty and creamy, it wasn’t anything too special. The weird part was having that whole roasted jalapeno pepper on top. You can add extra spice to the dish by adding the pepper as you eat, but it just looked kinda weird. Plus it wasn’t very good in practice. Kind of annoying to keep cutting at the pepper. The sauce was very creamy though and tasty.


I tried to be more artsy in this food porn pic. Sometimes it’s best to be simple, especially when it comes to bacon.

I had to try a burger, and it was a tough decision. I almost got a bison burger with ale onions and maple-smoked white cheddar cheese on an oatmeal bun. But I had to get this one instead. Wagyu beef, white cheddar, bleu cheese, chipotle espresso bbq sauce, potato wedges, and I upgraded the bacon to deep fried jalapeno-bacon. Totally worth the upgrade. I haven’t had deep fried bacon since my last trip to Weiner and Still Champion in Evanston a few years back, but I think Destihl does the fried bacon schtick a lot better. It wasn’t oily, and wasn’t even very heavy. It had a great crunch and flavor to it, and was a great cut. The burger was juicy and cooked to perfection. It had the right amount of cheese and everything. I really loved the chipotle espresso bbq sauce too. It was sweet and tangy, and the flavor stepped up the more you ate of it, revealing a more peppery taste. The fries were crispy and delicious too. My one compaint was the bottom half of the bun was virtually nonexistent. It fell apart the minute I cut the burger in half.


I’m sorry, were you trying to lose weight? That’s funny.

And then the free birthday dessert came. I didn’t think it was possible, but this was probably the messiest thing I’ve eaten at a restaurant in a long time. There is no graceful way to eat this; it’s just impossible. Not a date food unless you both like looking foolish. It’s smores broken down into a DIY dish. Marshmellows in a cast-iron dish? Check. Melted dark chocolate? Check. Cinnamon-sugar dusted pie dough cookies? Check-a-roonie! And don’t forget cinnamon whipped cream, because how could you do without it?

When I blew out my candle and got powdered sugar everywhere, I knew it was going to be a rough experience. I was going to make actual smores out of the dessert too, but it only came with five cookies, so each smore was open-faced like a horseshoe sandwich. The marshmellows oozed everywhere, the dark chocolate kept falling off the cookie, and the cinnamon whipped cream just slid right off the top. Trying to adjust anything from where it originally landed was impossible. But if you got a full bite of it, man was it good. I couldn’t help but laugh the whole time I was eating it because of how ridiculous it all seemed. It was definitely a fun dessert though.

Destihl was a fun place with extremely dysfunctional food. I would gladly go back and try some of the other crazy stuff on the menu, like lamb meatballs stuffed with cheese or Thai chicken with coconut jasmine rice. It’s definitely unique from the other food in town too and I highly recommend it. Just don’t eat smores with your date.


Written by mlogli

April 10, 2014 at 1:48 am