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Google’s April Fool’s joke hits me in the nostalgia

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This would have made 12-year-old me cry with joy. Since Japan hit April 1 before anyone, they got the first taste of this April Fool’s joke. It’s a joke in the sense that Google isn’t hiring a Pokemon master, but the app itself apparently works! Supposedly. Maybe. I don’t want to spread false information, all I know is I am following the directions on this blog ( and it’s not working for me. If anyone can confirm this is real let me know!


Written by mlogli

March 31, 2014 at 9:23 pm

Oh nostalgia, I don’t need you anymore…

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Now that I’m home, I can get to a task that I’ve been putting off for quite some time.

That task would be taking my old shit and getting rid of it.

I’ve decided to try and sell as much as I can on eBay. It’s either that or trying to get a booth at the flea market and getting rid of it there.

Before putting anything on eBay though, I figure it’s worth a shot to see if anyone in my close circle of Facebook friends wants to take any of this stuff off my hands.

So here is the first item(s) up for auction: Pokemon toys!


Quite a spread

There’s the little action figures that come with the cardboard coins, the bigger talking figures that light up (Meowth said some Japanese gibberish that I still can’t decipher), and the bouncy balls too. There’s that Blastoise keychain as well.

Anyone interested in any piece of this?

Written by mlogli

July 18, 2012 at 7:24 pm