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Purple Pig too busy chewing the fat to serve food

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After going to a networking event in Chicago, I had a craving for a quick snack that didn’t require me sitting in a crowded douchey sports bar paying for overpriced food. So after some walking around, I realized that there was a place nearby that I had been meaning to try that just might fit the bill. So I went to the Purple Pig.

I have a bit of mixed feelings about this place. On the one hand, the food was pretty good, although I think I ordered the wrong entree.The decor was pretty nice inside and it fit the theme of what they were going for, sort of a wine tasting with pork and cheese involved. So barrels everywhere, warm colors, lots of wood. And sitting at the bar let me see the detailed work of the chefs, which impressed me.

On the other hand, service was absolutely terrible.I sat there for a good 10 minutes trying to flag someone down to get water and a menu. Then I was basically ignored since I wasn’t drinking alcohol or ordering tapas on a consistent basis. And while it’s kind of standard to complain about overpriced food in Chicago, I have to do it anyway, particularly on my entree.


The JLT. The J stands for Jowl, as in pork jowl.

So here’s the JLT: pork jowl, tomato, frisee, and a fried egg on top. Basically it was an open-faced BLT on brioche bread. It was very tasty, but not very big for $13. And truthfully, the egg was pretty unnecessary. I was enjoying the tomato and frisee combo with the jowl much more than anything the egg was adding to the dish. The frisee was dressed in some sort of vinaigrette that brought a lot of flavor with the tomato’s acidity. And the pork was pretty damn delicious, for the few strips that were on it.

I looked around at a few other people’s entrees, and what the chefs were cooking, and i definitely ordered the wrong food portion-wise. There were definitely better options out there that I didn’t know about. But fortunately, the JLT wasn’t the reason I came here. I came for the sicilian iris.


Your filling cannot be contained in a simple brioche dough ball.

The sicilian iris is a brioche beignet-type dessert filled with ricotta cheese and chocolate chips. This dessert was featured on Chicago’s Best too. It was the perfect blend of sweet and filling, and god was it rich. Warm, tasty and sweet, it was almost worth the $7. Decent size as well. Course it was sent to the people next to me instead of me, which is part of the crap service complaint I had.

While I might like to try some of the other dishes, I don’t think this place is for me and I probably won’t go again of my own suggestion. But that sicilian iris is definitely worth the try. Maybe if the service was a bit better I would be interested in giving it another go.


Written by mlogli

May 23, 2014 at 3:59 am

First beer of the day on St. Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick’s Day weekend was my first actually in the Chicago Loop to witness the river dyeing. I question the effect on the environment, but man does it look pretty.


Plus this guy.

As fun as watching the river dyeing was, and as fun as it later was to watch drunk people and visit Pete Wentz’s bar (which made me feel like a tool), something else extraordinary happened as well.

I got the first beer off the tap at the new bar, Howells and Hood (that day; it opened this week though). Based on the architecture of famous architects John Howells and Ray Hood, who constructed the Tribune Tower, this place is famous for having 114 beers on tap. That is not a misprint.


This is what 114 beers on tap looks like. I wish I could say I took this photo, but I did not.

And even though it was St. Patrick’s Day (weekend) and even though it was 9 a.m. or so, no one was in this place yet. So my friends and I strolled on in and sat at the bar. We were handed leather-bound menus with all the beer possibilities inside and we marveled at the selection. Since I chose first, I got the first beer. And it was a great beer: Dragon’s Milk Bourbon Barrel Stout from New Holland Brewing Company.

I’ve wanted to try it for a while but never got around to it because of its price. But if you’re going to overpay for a beer, you might as well do it on St. Patrick’s Day (weekend) and do it in a fancy new place. $9 was about average for a beer there anyway, sadly, but since Blue Moon and Guinness was $7, I think I got a good deal.

And it was delicious. I can honestly say that I’ve never tasted a beer quite like it. I don’t even think I can truly describe the flavors, aside from the extremely smooth malty flavor and what I can only assume was the flavor of the bourbon barrel. I feel like I need to have it again to truly appreciate it.

And when I save up enough money to try to eat the food (french onion soup is apparently $10. Use that as a placemarker) I will definitely come back to try that too.

You disappoint me Taste of Chicago

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Of course I miss the last good year of the Taste of Chicago while I’m in Indiana. Of course now they’re downsizing. And of course, half the regulars I’ve learned to know and love won’t be going now.

Good news everyone!

The Taste of Chicago just released their list of participating restaurants for this year’s five-day event. Not only is the event itself cut in half, but as a result, half the regular restaurants decided not to show. If the Taste isn’t making money, you can bet the smaller regular restaurants won’t be either.

So a shorter fest, fewer options, virtually no “new” options (there are several one-day booth holders and one completely new restaurant). Why would anyone who has already been to the Taste go again?

Written by mlogli

June 1, 2012 at 2:28 pm