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Newspaper Death Watch

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Despite what some people say, there will always be a place for print journalism.

I used to be able to say that with confidence. Then I found the website Newspaper Death Watch. It tracks the newspapers that are reducing staff or just plain closing down. The site also has content from other places that discusses how badly print media is dying. As a journalist, its pretty damn depressing.

I do believe there is a place for this kind of work, but it is getting harder and harder to find it and produce it. The money is barely there anymore. Even the New York Times probably makes more money selling the flip calendars of its crossword puzzles than it does on its newspaper.

I just hope the end of newspapers doesn’t bring about the end of good journalism.


Written by mlogli

April 8, 2014 at 10:56 pm

Want to learn about marketing?

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Lately I’ve been reading a lot of articles on marketing, sales and other related topics. I’m doing this not just to promote this little blog, but to possibly advance into a new career field.

During that time the website Hubspot was recommended to me. They have a bunch of free materials for anyone else interested in looking into improving their marketing chops. At the very least, a few tips here and there can certainly improve a person’s ability to market products, services or events at their own job.

I know what some of you may be thinking: Mr. Journalist is going to the dark side of media. Unfortunately, that line has been blurred long before me, and I see no way for it to ever be repaired; marketing techniques will only appear more and more frequently in journalism. Ever promote your work or the work of the newspaper? Ever get told to watch a YouTube clip of a newscast, or to check out a Twitter or Facebook page? Heck, even stories about businesses and events are essentially marketing material with an “un-biased” slant. Those are just the obvious examples. Headlines are often altered to be eye-catching, to get people to read them and invest in the story; that’s marketing. Stories about philanthropic causes, the minority and the repressed are often calls to action by definition. It is impossible to escape the sales and/or marketing slant that exists in journalism today.

Journalism is run like a business, and those who run it know how to market and believe they need it to recoup their investments. That’s the way it is and will be. But that doesn’t mean it should be dismissed. If a marketing technique gets a person to read a story that can inform them, can give them information on something important going on in the world they need to know about, then it is certainly a good thing. If an event planner can use marketing techniques to get more people to attend and participate in, for example, Relay for Life, that’s certainly a good thing too.

The world no longer tolerates most of the obvious attempts by corporations to attract consumers. People are too smart for that now. But using the more subtle, creative techniques being pioneered today, many of which involve the seller in the process, can be a very good thing. Even the line demarcating the dark side has blurred as a result.

Written by mlogli

March 27, 2014 at 3:26 pm

New portfolio!

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I decided to create an online portfolio of my past work. It’s not quite my own website, but for what I want, I think it works pretty well. Check it out!

Written by mlogli

March 15, 2014 at 7:27 pm

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Don’t forget the tittles!

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In my ongoing quest to keep working, I have now signed up for some freelance editing projects, to be distributed through a website called Elance. I’m hoping it’ll end up being beneficial for me. At the very least, it’ll keep me well-versed in the editing that comes with the reporting business.

I was able to list my skills in various types of work (including editing in AP Style, English language and others) and list an hourly rate (I’m on the low end of standard since I’m just starting out). It gives the option to verify your identity. Apparently making up fake editing profiles is common enough to make this necessary. The process is lengthy, requires giving up your drivers license info and a Skype interview. But at least it’s free, unlike the process needed to verify your education, which requires at least $15 per institution.

They really take their security seriously.

Anyway, if anyone has a job for me to do, look for me on Elance I guess. I’ll edit the bad punctuation away!

Written by mlogli

September 8, 2012 at 12:24 am

A conflict of priorities

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As I’ve mentioned a few weeks back, I am definitely working on writing a novel. And it’s going well. Progress is slow but consistent, and I’ve been making it a priority to write a little bit each day.

I had an idea already set out in mind when I began writing, and while I don’t know where it will end I know the general path. The problem now though, is that a week after I began writing this novel, a brand new idea I’ve never had before at any point in my life popped into my head.

And it got me really, really excited. Excited in a way I’ve never felt when writing a story before.

I won’t reveal the details of this one either, except to say it is more of a sci-fi tale (and no not Lord of the Rings type sci-fi either). An entire mythos is starting to play out in my head, something that may be unique in many ways. But it is also complicated, and requires a lot of prep work and thought before trudging forward.

So while I write my initial idea up, I’m taking notes and planning out my second idea. The question becomes, should I continue trying to do both, or focus on one over the other? I don’t want to ditch another novel I half-wrote, if only because I do like what I’m writing now. I’m just really excited and interested in seeing where this other idea will go.

I’ll take any advice on the subject really. Advise away.

Written by mlogli

June 7, 2012 at 2:17 pm

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Ok, new life goal

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I don’t usually post on weekends, but this is pretty important, and if I blog about it I feel like it will give me the drive I need to finally do it instead of constantly putting it off.

I want to write a novel.

I’ve tried this and said this before. I’ve written IDEAS for a novel, I’ve written the first CHAPTER of a novel, but I always stop and get sidetracked. No more of that. It is time to get that done. No matter how I end up doing it, it has to happen. I’m getting started immediately.

Writing a novel is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but it has always seemed like an extracurricular as opposed to a real goal, to something I should and will get published. And perhaps I’ll start revealing pieces of said novel on this blog for comments.

Written by mlogli

May 27, 2012 at 1:13 pm

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